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Oregon Democrats Keep Harvey Weinstein Donation

Democrats about “campaign cash…no matter how dirty…and who gets hurt” Wilsonville, OR – In a statement, Oregon Republican Party Vice Chair Christine Barreto called out the Democratic Party of Oregon for keeping the $5,000 donation from Harvey Weinstein: “As a woman and an Oregonian, I was shocked and angered to learn that the governing party in our state, Democratic Party of Oregon, is keeping the $5000 donation they’ve received from the despicable sexual predator Harvey Weinstein,” stated Oregon GOP Vice Chair Christine Barreto. According to the most recent FEC reporting, the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) has received a total...

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Across County Lines, October 12

GOVERNMENT & POLITICS   Birth control exemption could affect nearly 1 million in Oregon Bend Bulletin Despite a new Oregon law championed as preserving birth control coverage in the state even if Republicans succeed in dismantling a federal mandate to cover it, nearly 1 million Oregonians are covered under policies that now qualify for exemptions.   Oregon’s state schools chief steps down The Oregonian Oregon’s chief state schools officer Salam Noor resigned Wednesday effective immediately, the governor’s office announced. Less than 2 1/2 years after Gov. Kate Brown handpicked Noor to oversee K-12 schools, she accepted his resignation and...

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Senators Wyden-Merkley DACA Publicity Stunt Today – Oregon GOP Responds

Wilsonville, OR – In a statement, Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier reacted today to the DACA publicity stunt held today by Oregon Democrat Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley in Portland: “President Trump has clearly conveyed his understanding and sympathy for the circumstances of illegal aliens who were brought to the US as minors, but now it is up to Congress to do the job that President Obama and Congress should have done years ago.  Instead of rolling up their sleeves in Washington D.C., Senators Wyden and Merkley seem more interested in a pointless publicity stunt than finding common...

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Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Preps to Ram Through $700 Million Tax Hike With Little Debate

 General, Oregon, RGA News After repeatedly pushing tax hikes during her time in office, embattled Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown is at it again. This time, she’s trying to do it before the public has a chance to notice. Oregon voters in 2010 passed a ballot initiative creating a 35 day session for lawmakers to work on technical fixes to legislation. Now, the Oregonian is reporting that Kate Brown wants to ignore that intention and use the rush session to pass a $700 million carbon tax. The Albany-Democrat Herald explains, “It’s alarming to learn that another big-deal bill may...

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Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Betrays Promise of Transparency, Pushes For Tax Hikes

Republican Governor’s Association Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown continues to face bad press for betraying her promise of government transparency while pushing for massive tax hikes. Last week, Brown came under fire by the Bend Bulletin for instructing her special pension panel to operate in “complete secrecy”. The panel is considering tens of millions in tax hikes. Now, the Albany Democrat-Herald is weighing in, slamming Kate Brown for betraying her promise of government transparency. “When Brown took office after the resignation of John Kitzhaber, she made a point of talking about working to rebuild trust in Oregon state government....

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