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Voter suppression, hijacking elections passes Senate despite bipartisan opposition

Voter suppression, hijacking elections passes Senate despite bipartisan opposition

Dems threaten democracy “because Medicaid,” and bill will head to former secretary of state Gov. Kate Brown’s desk to be enshrined in state law                                                                                        

SALEM, Ore.- Democrats in the Legislature are trying to hijack elections and engage in voter suppression under the guise of protecting Medicaid. Democrats are changing the election dates on any voter referred ballot proposal to repeal the health care tax passed this session and leave the door open for more elections tampering. They are also engaging in ballot manipulation by giving a Democrat-dominated committee 100 percent-control over ballot titles and explanations. They are also giving the Democrat attorney general the power of seven non-partisan Supreme Court justices by stripping final judicial review of ballot title from the Supreme Court.

Democrats are also undermining the secretary of state’s office. The bill has undergone tons of changes in the last minutes of the legislative session, shocking many. The original bill that passed the Senate went to the House where it was deceptively changed, that is after the public hearing on the underlying bill.

The bill has outraged Oregonians who care about their rights to refer bills to the ballot.

State Sen. Alan Olsen, R-Canby, released the following statement:

“This bill is not just about some date on a calendar and using the ‘Medicaid’ argument is unfair and disingenuous. Voter suppression is unacceptable. Manipulating ballots is unacceptable. Our elections process, our over 100 year-old referendum process, and our democratic process are sacred and by passing this bill, Democrats desecrated the rights of voters and the State of Oregon’s integrity. The Democrat attorney general should not have the power of seven non-partisan Supreme Court justices. Every Oregonian should be livid with outrage that the Democrats think they are above the Constitution. Now, the governor will likely sign a bill to snag power from the secretary of state, even though she used to be in control of that office. Does that office not matter now that it is in Republican hands? People need to start asking serious questions about just why the rights of Oregonians are being robbed for electoral purposes?”

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