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UPDATE: Facing mounting outrage Dems “pause” vote on bill to hijack elections, disempower Oregonian

UPDATE: Facing mounting outrage Dems “pause” vote on bill to hijack elections, disempower Oregonian
SALEM, Ore.-Facing mounting criticism Democrats hit the pause button on a vote to hijack the elections. The House of Representatives is on “post-and-go” notice, meaning they can re-hit the start button at any time without any notice to the public or even fellow lawmakers.
“We are witnessing Democrats deceive the public and disempower Oregonians. This is worse than unfair, it is undemocratic and an absolute outrage,” Senate Republican Communications Director Jonathan Lockwood said. “Hitting the pause button is insufficient, Democrats must cease and desist with their plans to hijack our elections.”
Yesterday, Democrats were blitzed with criticism when they were caught after an internal Democrat memo leaked. Critics assailed the Democrats for engaging in what Republicans dubbed a black ops mission to hijack Oregon elections. Despite being exposed and the ensuing public outcry, Democrats have marched forward with their plans to circumvent Oregonians’ rights to a fair election process guaranteed by voters in the state’s constitution.
The -7 amendment to Senate Bill 229 will undermine elections law by manipulating an election date and by writing the ballot title without review. The bill also undermines the offices of the attorney general and the secretary of state. The amendment was posted late yesterday after public hearing on the bill. The bill is now scheduled for a vote, without any public hearing on the proposed changes to the bill, in the Democrat-dominated House Rules Committee at 3:30 PM.
Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli, of John Day released the following statement:
“Democrats are fond of polishing the myth of their dedication to democracy, but their underhanded and despicable tactics are undermining democracy. Freedom and democracy demand openness and transparency. By pursuing an oddly timed costly special election the apparent aim is to suppress voter turnout. The mechanisms they are using to accomplish this goal includes excluding public comment, one-hour notice, and a stacked partisan committee. This is the result of one-party rule under the Democrats.”
Some Oregonians have spoken out and they have blasted Democrats with letters to express their outrage and fear.
“The right of the referendum, allowing voters to weigh in on bills from the Legislature that they disagree with, is an important right,” Christiana Meyer, a Forest Grove resident, said. “This is an abuse of power, and the emergency clause on the bill is a double whammy.”
“To come in less than two weeks before the session ends, while we’re on 1-hour notice and the public can’t get here to weigh in, and to do so under a hurried amendment, is highly objectionable,” said Janice Dysinger, also a Gresham resident. “Our Constitution also allows voters the right to petition their government in a fair and equitable manner. The regularly scheduled general election is when the widest population of voters turn out for an election. The net effect of bypassing the general election is akin to voter suppression.”

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