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Across County Lines, June 12

Across County Lines, June 12



Portland’s 911 center knowingly misreports hold times, ombudsman says

The Associated Press

St. Helen wrote that the 911 center’s hold time data had been inaccurate since 2004, when the bureau implemented a flawed system designed to screen out accidental cellphone calls. “What this means is that all call hold times reported at any time in the past as they related to cellphone calls has been incorrect,” St. Helen wrote in 2015. “Clearly this is an issue.” “It’s absolutely cause for concern,” St. Helen said. “I’m trying to get a handle on everything that’s happened in the past. There is nobody that is standing up louder that wants this fixed than I am.”


Federal environmental laws don’t shield Oregon from counties’ timber lawsuit, judge rules

The Associated Press

The Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act don’t shield the state of Oregon from a $1.4 billion timber lawsuit, a judge has ruled. Federal environmental statutes don’t protect the state from potential damages in a lawsuit filed by 14 counties and roughly 130 tax districts accusing Oregon’s government of insufficiently logging state forests, a Linn County judge ruled Thursday.


Oregon Shipping Group looks to restore rail lines

Stayton Mail

Mannix, a Salem business lawyer, told the Stayton council that after shipping in the Port of Portland was compromised, Oregon Shipping Group formed to advocate and develop a vision for improving the state’s shipping capabilities for imports and exports. “In that context, especially because of our agricultural economy, our farmers need to be able to ship their product (throughout the) United States and to the rest of the world,” he said.


Editorial: Brown puts road measure on short list


It would be a signature embarrassment for the transportation plan to stumble for the second straight session. We expect that legislators from both parties and the governor have little appetite for such an outcome.

Editorial: Win-win for UO, state


It’s the idea that state politicians and university administrators have always been a touch wary of one another. They live in different worlds. Run in different circles. Speak in different languages. In short, don’t always play well together. But as the UO seeks to secure $100 million from the state in immediate financing for the Knight endeavor, this project has the potential to ease that divide — because the $1 billion center isn’t designed to be simply a nicety for the campus. “This can be a game changer for the state,” said Patrick Phillips, the Knight Campus executive director.


Merkley for President in 2020? CNN Profile Sends Up Trial Balloon

Willamette Week

“Right now, every elected Democrat in the nation knows they’d be a better president than Donald Trump,” Merkley said. “And I’m not just talking the House and the Senate, I’m talking every city council member, mayor, and county commissioner knows that they would be a better president.”

Ron Wyden Elicits New Information About Jeff Sessions, Says Americans Deserve to Know More

Willamette Week

Wyden held a Portland press conference this morning, a day after his questioning of James Comey revealed that the former FBI director knew more reasons than he has disclosed about why Sessions had to recuse himself from overseeing an inquiry into ties between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. Wyden today referenced those “secret facts” that forced Sessions to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. “It is my view this morning, that the American people deserve to know what facts Mr. Comey was talking about here that would disqualify America’s sitting attorney general from this investigation,” Wyden said.

Sen. Wyden urges public hearing with AG Sessions

Statesman Journal

The Oregon Democrat sent a letter to the Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., and Vice Chairman Mark Warner, D-Va., saying, “I believe we owe the American people transparency.” Here is the letter Wyden sent:


Trump faces lawsuit from Maryland, DC attorneys general

The Associated Press

The attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia say they will sue Donald Trump on Monday, alleging he has violated the Constitution by taking payments from foreign governments as president.

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Oregon Democrats Keep Harvey Weinstein Donation

Democrats about “campaign matter how dirty...and who gets hurt” Wilsonville, OR – In a statement, Oregon Republican Party Vice Chair Christine Barreto called out the Democratic Party of Oregon for keeping the $5,000 donation from Harvey Weinstein: “As a...


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