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Year: 2012

Letter: Don’t give up on our state

To the editor: Don’t give up on our state… It’s time to pull out all the stops and get the right people in office. I had the opportunity to meet James Buchal who is running for state Attorney General ( He “rocked the house” at the GOP headquarters when he was here in Enterprise. James is right on target with the issues that concern the majority of the electorate in eastern Oregon. Things like the Travel Management Plan, Wolves, and the priority of the counties to protect their citizens’ health and safety, over federal agency policy and overreach. James...

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Letter: Forest Supervisor Stops the Clock on Wallowa-Whitman Travel Management Plan

It has been one month since the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest released its travel management decision.  Since then, there has been considerable public interest and debate over various aspects of the plan.  As I have listened to the many people who are commenting on the plan, it has become apparent that there is a good bit of confusion, as well as some concerns that would benefit from more discussion.  Because of these concerns I have decided to withdraw the travel management decision, and stop the clock on the appeal process that is underway.  The forest needs to develop a travel...

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Op-Ed: Why I fell on the sword for Liysa Northon

By Rick Swart There is a disturbing trend in journalism away from investigation, exposing corruption and pointing out mistreatment of the little guy, to exploitation and pandering to big dollar advertisers, sponsors or special interest groups that have control of the media. Recently some sanctimonious entertainment media have held up my decision not to volunteer in advance information that I had fallen in love with domestic violence victim and wrongfully portrayed survivor, Liysa Northon, during the course of my investigation of her case as an ethical violation.Once again people who have not bothered to gather the facts are disseminating...

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Letter: Wolf-killed livestock all had stories

To the editor: In the tradition of naming OR7, I have been inspired by our good friend and neighbor, RT. We lost 20 calves in the spring/summer of ‘09. We had 200 pair (cow plus calf) in Tyee. We were told there might be two wolves when in fact there were 10. This was actually the rendezvous site for the Imnaha pack – where they teach their young to hunt. In honor of all these calves killed I would like to name this the Tyee Massacre. Our first confirmed kill was in May 2010. This little calf has become...

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Guest Editorial: We are better than this

As we begin 2012, a new year, usually filled with promise, most look forward to what the year might bring.  Normally, plans have been laid and we begin to work toward accomplishing those goals. This year, somehow seems different. There is a great deal more talk of doom and gloom than normal.  Normally employed people have given up looking for work.  This paints a bleak picture for those just entering the work force, and perhaps an even gloomier picture for those that are expecting to leave it.  Young people can hang on a little longer, delaying that departure from...

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