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Year: 2011

Letter: Where Did the Yellowstone Elk Go?

After hearing reports of no elk and lots of wolves in Yellowstone Park, we decided to go look for ourselves.  During the week of August 25- 30, 2011 we packed our binoculars and spotting scopes and left Nevada headed for Yellowstone Park. In January 1995, U.S. and Canadian wildlife officials captured 14 wolves from multiple packs east of Jasper National Park, near Hinton, Alberta, Canada. In March 1995, the 14 wolves in two packs were turned loose in Yellowstone. Seventeen additional wolves captured in Canada were released into the park in April 1996. Officials believed that the natural reproduction...

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Letter: In regards to recent ODFW order to kill wolves in Wallowa County

Recently, this newspaper ran an article about the ODFW order to kill wolves in Wallowa County. While the grey wolf may be an icon to some, it is a terrible threat to others. The conflicts they create are being addressed as outlined in the Oregon’s Wolf Conservation and Management Plan. This plan is now receiving much resistance from those who originally supported it. The state’s wolf management plan was created by a 14 member stakeholder group appointed by the ODFW Commission. Two members, including the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association (OCA), submitted minority reports with disagreements. OCA has consistently requested the same...

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Letter: Wolves Killed My Dogs

I’m mad. And not just a little mad either. Three of the best bear hounds I’ve ever been lucky enough to own, were killed by federally funded terrorists. Wolves did this while I was bear hunting scarcely ten miles from my house. My dogs were ran down and stretched from end to end. Torn apart with slashing teeth, their skin ripped off in chunks and ate, along with their guts, bones and every other piece they could rip apart before I was able to get to the scene of this ugly crime and run them away. I could smell...

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EDITORIAL – In regards to: “I live in Eastern Oregon where these wolves are”

In a recent blog on OregonLive, in regards to – Public forum discusses the growing threat to rural Oregon from a growing population of hungry wolves – reader “Brandy”, made the following comment: “I live in Eastern Oregon where these wolves are. The above presentation is really hogwash! I am happy they were mainly preaching to the choir and I sure hope that no uninformed people were there to be biased by the extreme anti-wolf propaganda these folks were preaching. I’m surprised the author of this article did not do more research to confirm that the claims made in the presentation...

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